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The Royal Package: A Luxurious Set for Head-To-Toe Skin Nourishment

Experience the opulence of nature with the Royal Package from Viva La Bee. This special bundle includes a 2oz jar of our rich, indulgent Royal Body Butter and both 2oz and 1oz jars of our versatile Bee Friend: Under Eye and Face Crème. All products are lovingly developed by our family for yours and are made in the USA.

What's Inside the The Royal Package:

  • 2oz Jar of Bee Friend: Under Eye and Face Crème: Perfect for daily morning and evening application.
  • 1oz Jar of Bee Friend: Under Eye and Face Crème: Ideal for on-the-go hydration.
  • 2oz Jar of Royal Body Butter: Provides head-to-toe moisture for a broad spectrum of skin types.
  • Bonus! A special gift size included.

Add the Royal Package to your daily skincare routine and enjoy the gentle, moisturizing benefits of our royal jelly-infused crèmes, enhancing your skin’s natural radiance and smoothness.

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