The Viva La Bee Story

At Viva La Bee, we believe that from the tiniest toes in your family to the wisest brows, everyone's skin deserves the royal treatment.


Viva La Bee is a natural bee lotion developed by our family. Years in the making, it all began right at our kitchen table where we mixed royal jelly, a rich bee product that provides the sole nutrition for all queen bees, with nature's most soothing and nourishing ingredients. Our goal was to create a nurturing lotion suitable for families to share.


Now, it's here and available for your family too! Viva La Bee lotions and creams are gentle enough to enhance the appearance of delicate areas like under the eyes and face, yet effective enough to provide comfort and care for a variety of skin types and needs.


It is our pleasure to bring the royal touch and family love of Viva La Bee to you and your loved ones.