The Awe-Inspiring Ingredients from Nature in Viva La Bee

The Awe-Inspiring Ingredients from Nature in Viva La Bee

14th Jun 2024

From farmers markets to festivals, new customers are consistently amazed when they discover the full lineup of nature's ingredients in each Viva La Bee formula. The sheer number of these ingredients often leads to the question: Do these each represent a different product? I am always delighted to share that all of these elements are in one formula, making Viva La Bee perfect for providing head-to-toe hydration for many skin types. 

No matter your skin type or specific needs, nature offers countless soothing qualities and solutions. This belief guided my daughters and me as we embarked on the journey of creating nature-inspired skincare for our own family.

The final version of the Viva La Bee Under Eye & Face Crème contains 18 nature's ingredients, with royal jelly as the star. With the thoughtful gifts of nature, we hope Viva La Bee helps your skin and your family's skin feel amazing.

To learn more about how we developed these ingredients, read on.

Nature's Ingredients and Their Skincare Qualities

1. Royal Jelly: Royal jelly is known for its hydrating properties, helping to maintain the skin's moisture balance and promote a smooth, supple appearance.

2. Organic Shea Butter: Shea butter is celebrated for its moisturizing and softening qualities. It helps to maintain the skin's natural barrier and provides a nourishing effect.

3. Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter enhances the skin's barrier function, offering deep hydration and helping to improve skin texture.

4. Mango Butter: Mango butter is rich in vitamins and provides nourishment and hydration, supporting skin elasticity and softness.

5. Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet almond oil is known for its ability to soften and smooth the skin, helping to maintain a healthy appearance.

6. Grapeseed Oil: Grapeseed oil is lightweight and helps to moisturize and condition the skin. Its antioxidant properties support overall skin health.

7. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is renowned for its soothing and calming effects on the skin. It helps to hydrate and maintain skin clarity.

8. Arnica Flower Extract: Arnica flower extract is used for its calming properties. It helps to soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of redness.

9. Açai Berry Extract: Açai berry extract is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which help to enhance skin radiance.

10. Cucumber Extract: Cucumber extract is known for its cooling and soothing properties. It helps to hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of puffiness.

11. Orange Peel Extract: Orange peel extract provides a refreshing effect and helps to brighten the skin. Its antioxidant properties support a healthy-looking complexion.

12. Lemon Peel Extract: Lemon peel extract is used for its brightening and toning effects. It helps to enhance the skin's natural radiance.

With 18 nature's ingredients, Viva La Bee Under Eye & Face Crème is designed to provide comprehensive skincare qualities. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure your skin receives the hydration, soothing care, and nourishment it needs. Embrace these natural qualities daily and see the difference in your skin’s health and appearance.

Your journey to healthier, more radiant skin starts with nature's best. Shop the Viva La Bee formulas now!