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Viva La Bee

Why have multiple lotions when one will do the trick? From youthful skin care needs to the nuances of mature skin, Viva La Bee is your dedicated companion.


Infused with the regal power of royal jelly and enriched with 17 natural ingredients, Viva La Bee products provide versatile hydration and support for a radiant, smooth appearance.


It's more than a cream—it's a celebration of nature's ability to nourish and enhance you and your families skin.

Nature's Skincare Elixir:

Royal Jelly

The queen bee's exclusive elixir, Royal Jelly offers unparalleled benefits, transforming her and, now, your skincare routine!


Made by worker bees and placed in the honeycomb, royal jelly provides the sole nutrition for the queen bee.


For skin, it offers hydrating and nourishing benefits, enhancing the skin's natural moisture and contributing to a smooth and supple appearance.


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